We are taken by a indescritvel vibration of peace, harmony and fullness and pass at that moment to ask for pardon for our offences and to pardon to who has offended in them. After our spirit ours I summon to be full of feeling virtuous, We greet the Pemba and the towel, where kneel we extend the white towel in the ground and touch the ground with the forehead where at this moment in them we mentally connect with Olorum and all the Thrones, Forces and Powers seated in the creation, powers these seated the left and the right, in the high one and in the one under, in the front and behind and all the realities of the creation. After that it saves prece, all in one alone energy entoam the Prece de Critas, Father-Ours and Ave-Maria and we are touched in the soul for those absolute truths said in form of prece. Encouraging to follow it to us ahead, resigned and perseverante in the way of the Light, the Law and the Life. After to entoarmos this prece divine, we greet the holy ghost Orix Exu, the Divine Orix Dove-Turn, the holy ghost Orix Exu-Mirim, and the espritos Exus, Dove-turns and Exus mirins guardies of our house, and ask for to these self-sacrificing people and loyal espritos that protect our house of all and any disturbance of material order and spiritual that can intervine in our works. as that in a pass of magician, we see envoltos majestical beings for its black and red layers made use with its proper lives to defend the house and the caritativo work that is carried through there. True warriors of light who serve the Divine Law in the dark fields of the creation where are restrained trevosos espritos, so that they can deplete its negativismos. after to greet these guardies odd, we come back in them of front to conga and greet the Seven Lines of Umbanda, so said seven lines of umbanda, that now desvelado the veil of the mysteries, we know that the seven lines are not seven orixs but yes seven divine irradiations for where manifest a infinity of orixs, all conducted by one of these seven irradiations.