Pay With DM

Still are 13.6 billion deutsche mark in circulation eight years after the introduction of the euro, which replaced the Deutsche mark on January 1, 2002, 6.63 billion in banknotes and 6.97 billion in coins according to the Bundesbank is still nearly 13.6 billion deutsche mark in circulation. Two years ago, Doris Westerschulte against the background of this enormous reserve of the Deutsche mark has developed a stand-alone business model. She secured the domain and offered their customers on this Web site coupons of supra-regional provider be paid by Deutsche mark. From a minimum of 20 Deutsche mark, customers can choose between 20 different voucher providers. Here the range hardware store from Amazon to the toom.

The providers are selected then that also odd euro amounts on the vouchers can be noted. Thus, it is ensured that the appropriate voucher may be issued for any amount in Deutsche mark. Even larger sums of money be sent in addition to long-forgotten coin collections. Many customers find their treasures at parades or renovations. Remainder mark Exchange is financed through a fee that will be charged according to the exchange value.

Great emphasis is placed on speed and reliability at rest mark Exchange. The vouchers are sent on the day of receipt of the money no later than on the next working day. Also, the customer will receive a confirmation of the funds have been received by E-Mail on the same day. By Doris Westerschulte