Own Business: Easier As Dirt

Open your own business in crisis is no more difficult than in times of economic expansion. Small business has helped the state in 1998, today many are betting on him. Spring season – it's time to think about opening own fruit and vegetable or flower shop. Agriculture – one of the few industries that are less affected by economic stagnation. Furthermore, the development of agriculture described as a priority for the state.

In some Russian regions and CIS countries had already begun holiday season – time to think about their own business. Many writers such as Caterpillar offer more in-depth analysis. Fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants – is not just a way to generate income. Flower shop or a fruit and vegetable stall can be called socially important business. Business plan step by step Agricultural activity in most cases, is characterized by seasonality. For example, during the peak sales (December, January) the income of a small specialized fruit and vegetable shop can reach $ 10,000 per month. On average, a store can bring its owner $ 3.500-5.000. It all depends on what kind of fruits, vegetables or flowers You are going to sell, will be growing their own products or to find suppliers. Let's try to write a business plan.

1. Business Register Business (FE, PE or LLC) can be independently turned into tax office. But there are companies that will do it for you. Business to Business Services: the registration, consulting, accounting, – are popular on the market. Obligatory condition of opening the store – a positive Finally, Civil Service Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance (4-5 thousand), fire service, that the premises meet the required parameters.