Our mission is

Our mission is “To provide opportunity and tools to women to spread the knowledge of your blogs, your job, your projects, your ideas and proposals and contribute to their empowerment in all areas.” How can you do By registering on our platform and doing what you love and you learn to do … blogging. No need to invent anything, I’ve done everything, is another space where you can release the contents of your blog and meet other women who also have ideas, projects, businesses, share experiences and proposals.If you do not have a blog, you can open the first with us. Women Building is the first and only platform that exists for women bloggers who speak Spanish. We are building a community where we can add our efforts together and our voices for change in our lives and in our environment and support us to fulfill our personal goals and professionals. In this space we all have something to say. No matter if you live in anonymity or are famous, if you’re a housewife or political, business or student, widowed, single, married or divorced. Women Building is for you because all Women construct reality every day, from wherever we are. Te esperamos! This commercial-sounding, and in part it is, this is a project that as some s of you know, I’ve been working the past year.