Modern Profile Of The Manager Required

For the achievement of triumph has always been essential to pass on the pathway of sacrifice Simon Bolivar enterprises in the present requires a new Manager, this according to the characteristics of the current scenarios that are characterised by its commercial activities with much dynamism, proactivity, new products, aggressive competitiveness, strategic plans that guarantee, not only the needs that consumers demand, but conquer and remain in the markets, taking into account the new tools and administrative knowledge. It is necessary therefore, national universities, their basis of business, both at the level of pre and postgraduate, to define what should be the basic features that must comply with the new Manager. Required that these provide modern knowledge commensurate with the realities of the country where they operate. In the Venezuelan case, where there is much uncertainty in the political, economic and social, due to its transition to the so-called century socialism XXI in charge of the management of his Lieutenant – Colonel Hugo Chavez cold, enterprises, especially SMEs which have been very affected, need a new manager that meets new features, eliminating the traditional, known, in order to meet the challenges and give way to the necessary changes that will ensure favorable results for all. Definitely need a new managerial leadership that includes the Manager may: having methodological knowledge and techniques of the macroeconomic variables of the country and abroad. Trained in the use of modern techniques, in terms of the detection of needs and the search for more effective ways to resolve them, according to the company as employees and workers. Ability to cope with competition.

Proactive, with fighting spirit, visionary, able to face new challenges and ease of interpretation to situations. Manage the scope and design of social and political marketing with market strategies in order to attract national and international trade domain spaces. Having a driving strategic initiative that will allow the development of new projects without taboo or fears to penetrate new markets. Capable of detecting where are the opportunities and strengths of your company and to create strategies that minimize weaknesses and stay the same. Capable of performing efficiently to the requirements demanded by the new scenarios, knowing take advantage of opportunities that will benefit not only the company where acts, but the country itself. Able to interpret and properly manage the resources of the company providing services and products that meet the needs and requirements that consumers demand business Vision. Entrepreneurship and professional ethics.

Appropriate management of human interrelations motivate and persuade meet and interpret the reality of the economic global scenarios, taking advantage of the opportunities that derive from them, In addition to providing competitive advantages to their products. Dynamic enabling anticipate the facts, facing threats and generating the necessary changes required. Make decisions, know, understand, analyze a problem, to thus give solution Perseverante, constant, with many mental and physical strength. Have critical spirit. Prepared to coordinate and evaluate personnel; as well as detecting needs that may arise in individual or collective form and adopt management solutions. In particular, it is very important to evaluate all those features that the commercial scenarios are suing and that modern management is identified with the current administrative knowledge, assess how administrative systems have changed, as well as determine the transformations, which may lead to known properly use the modern administrative process, evaluating the changes brought about in the planning, organization, direction and controlas well as addressing the weaknesses opportunities, threats with decision, actions that favor him.