Internet Competitors

This article I want to dedicate that part of my clients who want to have your own website, but do not realize what is pushing it, and why do we need it. Meanwhile, ordering services copywriting must first understand that a copywriter writes the site content is not for self-expression, and to achieve very specific goals: that the site was competitive, and held senior positions without unnecessary costs on its advertising and promotion. Because I myself am for people who love clear and comprehensible explanations, then I'm not going to the tree, and present the essence of progress as described would be a good friend. So. We proceed from the the premise that you create a website not just to enter its address on its business cards, but rather as a commercial resource, which offers services, products, etc. Hence, the creation and maintenance should be at least pay off, and at best, serve you a constant source of new customers and clients. It seems that everyone understands this, but underestimate the fact that in the period when they create a website on the internet already There are hundreds of sites with similar themes, which are their direct competitors. And these competitors are not currently have dreamed, and conducts market research and to take all measures to ensure that the key demands of their sites were in the "Top" search engines. This means that if you simply place on the internet a new, albeit very good and informative website, your target audience may simply not be seen.