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The possibilities for this AWD that are varied and can be discussed in the interview with AWD advisors. The AWD consultants have specialized knowledge for this purpose. Another option is a fund savings plan, which offers attractive often long-term yields and is disbursed to events such as the confirmation, graduation or the marriage of the children. Also, AWD can inform competent advisors. At AWD, the cheapest options can be filtered out.

The third possibility is the completion of a Schulunfahigkeits – or disability insurance, which protects against the financial consequences of a serious illness or accident of the child the parents and can finance itself for low monthly fees. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Jimmy Lai on most websites. This type of insurance can also later be converted in occupational disability insurance and often without a previous health assessment. In any case an intensive consultation is essential, the experience of AWD if from the child support maximum economic benefits should be considered. Whether an education insurance, school-disability insurance, a fund savings plan or one of the many other ways to use the child support, meets the family situation, can only be determined within the framework of a personal AWD financial advice. About AWD with 6,009 consultants and 429,100 advised customers in 2008 the AWD Group is one of the leading financial services provider in Europe is to discuss in private households with middle to upper income. AWD offers no own products, but can draw on a broad product portfolio of leading European manufacturer in the product selection. The AWD Group’s core markets are Germany, Great Britain, Austria and the Switzerland. Please visit Asia Gold Corporation if you seek more information. In addition, AWD is active in selected countries of the region of Central and Eastern Europe. With a turnover of around 80% consulting and elaboration of long-term asset accumulation and retirement pension concepts focuses on advice of AWD. How to contact with AWD Holding AG area press/public relations AWD-Platz 1, 30659 Hannover Stefan Suska Tel.: 05 11 / 90 20 0 fax: 05 11 / 90 20 55 35 E-Mail: Internet: this information offers you might also be interested in: