Gannett Manages

Cyber attacks are the order of the day. The number of groups of ciberintrusos seems to increase at times, and its objectives are always of great importance. This is what has happened with the American Gannett page. The aim of the attackers was the get information about subscribers to publications that officials follow and military from the U.S. Government. After an in-depth analysis of the attack made, confirmed that cyber-intruders had access to names, passwords and the subscribers email addresses. Profile military and funcionarizado of subscribed persons, makes your e-mail data are of great importance for the attackers, since computers of the affected are likely to contain sensitive information of great importance, so attackers could try to obtain such information by sending emails to those affected that contain some kind of malware that compromises the team, and allow to perform a theft of information. This attack may add to the rest of attacks suffered in recent months (Sony, Codemasters, Bethesda), and which leaves clear once again that the security measures implemented in the services that are published on the internet are inadequate in the majority of cases.