Flow Layer

With regard to time, under natural conditions, this process can take years. Accelerate it can increase the flow of air. Therefore, more fundamental output obviously, in a translation by the factory roof to aerobes were provided not only air but also warm, in which they are also in great need. So burn or compost? Having just written you will surely answer: composted. But as usually happens: the city does not plant or eat, but not enough? What then? Then – dump, but modern. What is an advanced landfill or, as it is called, the polygon? Landfill is another way neutralization.

It consists of a storage of waste in designated areas. If the usual dumping ground – a potential source of fires, pockets of infection, the abode of rats, flies, the ground – safe in the hospital for a place providing decontamination and disposal of household waste. Landfill base is sufficiently large area, always with a waterproof base. It is necessary to prevent groundwater pollution leachate – liquid, accompanying rotting foods. The site is divided into sectors. During the day on one sector – it is open – dumped rubbish poured and rammed.

Then a layer of compacted trash to a height of two meters poured a layer of soil in the quarter-meter height on the next day, dumping garbage into the other sector, etc etc. Once filled the entire bottom layer, begin the same way to create next. The height of the landfill may reach 60 meters. Garbage hill and poured from it we can arrange a ski hill, you can park. In any case, once the landfill has served his sentence, his appearance does not resemble its composition. However, there is a number of other ideas for recycling household waste – recycling and ethanol, and glucose, and building blocks. There are many ideas. Probably not all of them will spread. The degree of waste in modern plants is high. However, the cost for processing a significant and largely exceed revenues. Too cumbersome and expensive process cycle. But still the future for recycling.