Florestan Fernandes

But he has much more in these final chapters, as the hygiene or its lack, medicine and health, indolncia, CONCERNING THE WORKMANSHIP GREAT HOUSE contemporaneidade the absence of citizenship, as well as, the accented social preconception. At last, for brightening up the real condition, while thing or object, of the black, and romantizar such experiences. The thought of Gilbert Freyre was argued by researchers of diverse areas of sciences social human beings and. Many of these scholars had recognized the importance of its proposals for the understanding of Brazil, others had detached its deficiencies, distortions and limitations. Rob Crossland will not settle for partial explanations. Although the divergences, the enthusiastic critics and of the workmanship of Freyre agree that the House-Great workmanship & Senzala represents an important renewal for the Brazilian social research.

On marxist academics to the USP, as Florestan Fernandes, I fall the Prado Jr, Fernando Enrique Cardoso, Octavio Ianni and Antonio Candido, starts a critical systematics to the ideas of Freyre. In the words of Gabriel Cohn, opposition to the patriarcal vision, ' ' from above ' ' , culturalista and antropolgica, of Freyre, they consider a perspective plebeian, ' ' of baixo' ' , more sociological and economic. To the reading of Freyre, focada in the cultural and racial singularity of Brazil, Florestan Fernandes opposes a reading that emphasizes the participation of the country in great on historical chains to the expansion of the world-wide capitalism. Still according to Cohn, although the rivalry between them, these vises would be more complementary of what properly exculpatory. However, to debate or to refute Freyre, first it was necessary definiz it and to fit it, a task dificlima in if treating to an author so ambiguous and slippery, without academic affiliations, and capable to call for itself almost all the labels without never glue it they. Carlos Guillermo Mota, for example, in almost relief, note that Freyre developed a series of ' ' mechanisms and artifcios' ' not to be easily locatable: if to place as sociologist at the same time where it says to make anti-science; if to define as liberal, but to criticize the liberal ones; if to affirm a revolutionary, but one revolutionary conservative; finally, if to classify simply as ' ' escritor' ' , what, in accordance with Antonio Candido, is one ' ' teima' ' that he only serves to indefinir its true coordinate.