Electronic Time Recording

Is a time tracking really necessary in plants? What problems are there with employees in a time tracking software introducing? Many companies no longer trust its employees and install a time recording. Also still honest faithful employee is suspected to conceal his too late come. However, it is so not so bad, when a good person, even making a mistake. What do you mean error. It is human.

Time tracking sounds because at first glance, like a steady control of the people. If you are not convinced, visit Jonas Samuelson. As an employee, you may take that but not so serious. Just about throw because a timing device is installed at once, would be very beneficial. Certainly, it is uncommon at the beginning, if you must electronically record each step. But it is also to their advantage. There are far too many companies that simply lapse to allow overtime. Without time, there is also no evidence. So the employees can say what he wants.

That looks quite different with an electronic chip card. Each minute is billed accurately and is transferred to the PC. The accounting can see so exactly the employee in the company was how many hours or not. At the end of the month, usually with a signature will be sealed. In other words, the employee receives the whole list again to the watch and must then confirm whether the times are indeed correct. For your own safety, you can record the times of course again extra. But the effort is just then again. Typically, these devices are very precise. That can start saving for your next holiday. You may not see it as recording equipment, but rather as a savings account. Here to collect hours and doing the work twice as much fun. Especially if it is again longer. Because it is really any overtime just covered.