Ebrahim Krober

The next decision was to meet with regard to the training. For personal reasons, I wanted to complete the training in the Munich area preferably. Out of consideration on my calendar, I was looking for, which take place during the week after a course should. More information is housed here: Pitney Bowes. I focused above all else but when searching on the conciliation of systemic teaching. And then a round has been googled. I found the training to the systemic business coach Kari communication.

Also weekday courses are offered by the Institute with headquarters in Stuttgart and Munich for a while next to the weekend training. It was but even more important that the Director and trainers have years of training experience and work as systemic coaches. So, they should know what they are talking about. By chance, had visited friends from Stuttgart at Kari communication an NLP course and were very impressed by the way of the transfer of knowledge. The decision was made so, and I was logged in. What struck me in the course as a first was the mixture of cordiality and professionalism of Ebrahim Krober, the training manager. Enjoy working with people, coaching such as in training, is immediately noticeable.

There are also always enlightening, constructive examples from her own coaching practice in the course of time. These factors change as red Thread through the entire training. The individual modules are so structured and co-ordinated, allowing much needed room to practice. Great, an essential part of the training is devoted to the questioning techniques. In addition, different formats and tools are explained and tested. Ebrahim Krober and her husband, Professor Dietmar Krober, Schwabisch has also a professor at the University of applied sciences Hall that jointly perform the coach training. That makes not only the day of the course with theory, practice, and practice sessions varied. The participants are also getting two experienced coaches during the exercises Council and act with great appreciation to the page. Two modules are mainly engaged in coaching in the corporate context. Here competent coach, Dr. Holger Sobanski, also successful and highly experienced management coach, brings its own practice cases in the training. Also his countless constructive advice for the future profession are extremely helpful. Hotels on the successful completion of the training are to prove a set number of hours in the exercise groups in addition to the visit of all modules, because for the later work as a coach, it is essential that more or less on his own body to experience the different coaching styles. Also coaching with own clients are required for the degree. In training and in practice groups is desired to talk through issues and situations of these coaching sessions and to clarify. So keeping systemic practice after himself. The training is completed, but continues. Above all it means now to carry the learned and experienced in life, to fill with life. Sure I’m irrepressible! I’m still for the regular exchange of experience with my colleagues of course. And it’s good to know that I at any time may contact the team of Kari communication if I need help or a good tip times in my coaching practice. Dr. UTA Hessbruggen