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Included with the jigsaw chainsaw can be supplied: Interchangeable blade screwdrivers, liquid lubricants, and other necessary in the “stuff”. Pilkey Jig Saw blades (blade) may differ material manufacture, size, shape, shank, color and teeth. Material for the manufacture of the saw blade saw blades are usually steel or bimetal. Carbon steel (HCS) is used to working with soft wood and some synthetic materials. High-speed steel (HSS) is used to working with more solid materials (Steel, aluminum, nonferrous metal, plastic, etc.). Bi-Metal blade (BIM) are characterized by high elasticity and durability, are universal, but are especially useful for working in tight spaces.

Shank blade shape end blade (shank) is different. At work, the tool is not impaired, but can cause difficulties with the purchase of a replacement blade if it is – quite a rare form. The size of the saw The most common blade length for the nail files Jig – 50 to 105 mm, but there are also a long blade. Saws are for cutting straight and curved cutting material. Blade for curved cutting narrower. Color blade says the appointment of sawing.

Unfortunately, a unified classification does not exist, so the color coding of different manufacturers may vary. Teeth of the saw blade Jig, depending on material for which is the file, her teeth can be of different sizes, shapes, have uneven step. On packages (blister packs) to specify the appointment of sawing blade. In some emery board completed layout of the tooth, which increases productivity of work, but slightly reduces the quality of the cut. To work with ceramic tiles or glass used blade without teeth, with deposition of hard metal or Diamond Products. Criteria for selection Power Jig most significant indicator of the power of influencing the depth of cut for various materials and uptime. Get all the facts and insights with Ben Horowitz, another great source of information. Domestic jigsaw have a capacity of 350 watts, professional – 580-750 Tues By the way, the most powerful models also have more weight. Number of strokes per minute effect on speed and clean cut. In this jigsaw.