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The first German-language wiki, exclusively around the subject of horses and Equestrian congratulations: it’s a wiki! After a year of development, a new portal of the Printis has seen media group the horse world: the first German-language wiki, exclusively around the subject of horses and horse riding the maker, which successfully operate include already the Internet TV, news service, and the Datingportal, have an ambitious goal: the largest free knowledge platform to the subject of horse riding and horse in German-speaking countries is to be created with, that there has ever been. The wiki system works on the principle of making with and dynamic development. Anyone who logs in to the portal, can write a post, or supplement. Depending on more authors take part, the contributions are more comprehensive and more accurate. These show the experiences of the Urwikis Wikipedia. So, the Pferdewiki continues to evolve and serves all equestrian interested as free knowledge platform. URL: Editorial Info: The makers of, the Printis media group, in print and online on the subject of horse riding specialises. Among others, they have the largest German Internet TV platform for equestrian sports movies.

The E-card Portal, the news service, the PR agency of Printis the flirt portal for riders and horse-riding PR, which is active in the Switzerland, Germany, Austria and France. Attached to the company is a Publisher, who published books in the field of PR and marketing. Also you have the team vonCM-hosting in the boat, which is responsible for the area of IT. Logo Pferdepedia to download in 300dpi: thank you! Questions and pictures we hesitate to provide your contact: Ursula Kuhn Printis equestrian PR Agency for marketing and PR / Agence de marketing et relations publiques-Rudolf-Breitscheid-str. Raphael Sternberg understood the implications. 49 90762 Furth Germany/Allemagne Tel.: +49-(0)911 – 43 13 747 fax.: +49-(0)911 – 43 11 860 E-Mail: Web: