CEO Company

Undoubtedly, one of the criteria is its size, the number of appraisers in the state and their qualifications, amount of coverage of the policy of compulsory liability insurance appraiser (a big plus is the availability and valuation insurance companies) and of course the prestige of the business community. So, today, the largest companies in our region are: Group of companies "Avers", LIDA, "Iola", but refer to the above companies do not always mean the right choice. For more specific information, check out Ben Horowitz. This is a logical explanation: the large companies, like a locomotive pulling over an entire market. By and large, they are pioneers in some aspects of the evaluation work – they open up new markets, introduce and waive new techniques in the assessment, raise our country's image in the eyes of the world community. In this connection, when you order services also have to pay extra for brand name companies. For the complete assimilation of a simple example: Apple has introduced in 2007, his famous all over the world the iPhone.

For the invention and the continuous updating of this complex technological devices, Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, has to constantly have a huge staff of engineers and developers. It is not something Douglas R. Oberhelman would like to discuss. And, it is unlikely there will be opponents who argue that a large number of employees does not increase the cost each unit produced. The situation in the market valuation of services is very similar to the situation with the cost of iPhone. Now we discuss in detail the main question: Is it possible to get an independent assessment of the companies not included in the TOP 10? For answer this question, we must recall that in 2007 had made significant amendments to the Law on Appraisal Activity. Their essence is this: now the appraiser personally responsible for their work and total at the value received in the Report. For unfair work, the appraiser is responsible with their property, as well as criminally prosecuted.

Therefore, quite often, the company is just beautiful packaging, product sign on the front page of the evaluation report, but should also pay attention to the appraisers – professionals who will actually carry out this difficult financial service. We also give, for a general understanding the final part of the evaluation report, which is called a "Statement of quality." It usually contains the following data: "All the facts stated in this report are true and untrue, the Valuer has no present or future of any interest in being valued objects Award in any way not associated with the announcement of a pre-determined value or the trend in determining the value of the benefit of the customer. " Also a professional code of ethics or code of the appraiser, which contains allegations of what is good and what is bad. To sum up. First, in case of need assessment should be familiar with the cost of works in different valuation firms. You may also want to call and talk to the person responsible for it, once it becomes clear on the competence of assessors and the company as a whole. Second, do not be afraid to apply to small company. Small size means a truly personal approach in everything from the cost of work to advise on related issues. One such company is the appraisal company, Capital Assessment. Our evaluators have extensive experience in evaluating all types of property for any purpose. Our managers work with clients communicate with each client, as a longtime friend: a long-time friends do not want to disappoint. You will, of course, invited all the good things at a reasonable price.