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can aid you in your search for knowledge. So I think my contribution to his memory would be doing justice to his work, I recommend looking for it and read Hummingbird.

Feel why we are Jews so attached to this land, why we are we refuse to from, why we feel this is our house still not born here. There is something, is a shared history, a legacy of blood that makes us see, we're in a place worthy of affection, an honorable country, with a decent adjective. Speaking of Anita Alfonso Botbol of ZL without specifying their home environment, your home, a doll house, impeccably clean, the TV on all the time on Channel 5 in waiting to pick up some Indian word for a good time to go search of its meaning. As not to dwell on his personality, his gift with people, attentive staff, its unique sweet, its excellent burgers, their cakes, fishuelas, affection, his table full of facts about other work done. His many and various friends that we knew how to handle the child with the family and at the end with all those who made some contribution to its work. Anita with whom I shared many years of friendship he showed me his love of poetry, practiced since childhood and did so with genius and love. Same felt for his only son Joseph, whom I admire and acknowledge the pain it must feel with the loss of a human being of quality and excellence of her. From this pulpit scream to the world with the pleasure it gives me the experience of having known that Dona Anita Alfonso Botbol of ZL is still with us, that their work is only now taking its first steps and soon we'll see how it runs in history discovery is more than just a surprise, it must be concatenated with the discovery of the oldest and largest city of history, I refer to the pyramids of Caral in Peru, where insurance, all these names have a meaning more logic, where no doubt, we note that the civilization of America was more and better developed than in Europe and 5757 years ago, the architecture had monumental buildings that exceed six times the size of the pyramids of Egypt. May God rest his soul, his job as its very simple and loving way of being alive among us and that their children feel through my words the love that we planted it, so that the patient calm the pain of his absence and feel they were touched by something very special that shines and will continue for the rest of time as representative of honor in our community. With my respects, Samuel Levy Akinin