Two free webinars provide information about the proper etiquette, often they are regarded as unimportant or simply ignored: the right sound in the company or the professionalism on the phone. JPMorgan Chase gathered all the information. Usually there are but”these little things, that make all the difference, when it comes to convince someone of his concerns. The women held two free webinars in late February, the organizers & work, Germany’s largest trade fair Congress for women, introduce to the basic principles of business etiquette. On Monday, 25 February, the participants learn important on the subject of tone in the company”, while on 26 February the business telephone conversation in the focus moves. The social tone in companies to be learned especially, when it comes fresh from college and is still unsure how to properly behave in business life,”says trainer Melanie Vogel. The small snap for the job leads on 25 February 18 to 19: 00 the webinar titled”bird. On the basis of practical Learn exercises to the participants the good sound”in the company, but also dress code and greeting rituals to pose no insoluble challenges upon successful completion of the webinar. On February 26, the label on the phone is’ in the foreground.

Coach Sandra p Schmelzer brings many years of sales experience and reveals the participants how to optimally prepare on a phone conversation. The webinar takes place from 18 h to 19 h. Interested parties need to participate only a Web browser, Adobe Flash Player and a speaker enabled on their computer. You can register for free with mention of name, E-mail address, and user name email. The webinars are sponsored by the DIS AG, one of the largest recruitment agency in Germany.

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