Author Reading In The Book Fair

Readings are the salt in the soup for authors, because nothing satisfies a writer more than an attentive audience that listens to his story. Away from the bustle of the trade fair but within the framework of the Frankfurt book fair, October 14-18 a reading takes place with three authors in Karlstein am Main, on October 16, 2009, 19:00, hotel main Pearl, Oberweg Garden 5. The authors of Christoph Hinkel, Dieter Janz and Evelyne core read from their new books, which will be presented at the book fair in Hall 3.1 stand H 131 at the joint stand of the Association of the German book trade. The authors are on the Saturday 17.10 by 14 – 15 at the booth. Eagerly, the audience expects the young authors Christoph Hinkel “already surprised Amadeo’s novel with his debut in advance. The exceptionally good novel is a tribute to the supposedly imaginary friend who accompanies the protagonist Seduco over many years. With him he immersed in the realm of irrational dreams, this one only with a heavy dose of imagination is able to push forward.

Pubertal fantasies are awakened and catapulted to the limits of almost unbearable. But Amadeo is more than that. More and more he pulls Seduco into the world of dreams and enticed him to schizophrenic acts that are doomed for Seduco and Christoph Hinkel at the end of request a decision in his first work can realize his fantasy is as limitless. Its flowery, completely dedicated language, reveals the extraordinary talent of the young author. His bizarre thoughts can sometimes freeze the blood in the veins and the reader is kidnapped into a world he has never seen… Dieter Janz is unveiling his crime story shadow over noble Linkunen “.” The rural Idyll and the peace on noble Linkunen, the magnificent Manor House in Masuria, is overshadowed at the end of the 19th century of merciless crimes. A kidnapping and three brutal murders put the residents in fear and terror. Everyone could be the killer.

The voltage reaches, when a concussion is suspected the young Commissioner this detective story is culminating an exciting and eventful journey in the Masurian of the 19th century. Very detailed and precisely the author depicts the terrifying events on the estate of noble Linkunen and brings the protagonists of in the history to life.The novel comes just in time to the exhibition fresh from the pressure. The versatile author Evelyne became the nucleus with its bestselling sand in the soul “known. Then she wrote the bittersweet novel breathlessly into nothingness “.” The book fair, she presents her new adventure novel Inzu and the gold of the Incas ‘. ” Immediately after the dramatic emergency landing a small group of American businessmen enters the seemingly impenetrable jungle of the Amazon region in an unintended adventure that leaves out no so terrifying surprise. After the encounter with a fearsome bounty hunter base, they learn by accident by an ancient Inca cult site. There inspired by faith in the Inca gold, hidden lie to, let up on the venture, to deviate from their path into the home to search for the treasure this novel conveys any adventure fan the stimulating and exciting entertainment, that he expected more even the reader enters the spell of history and forgets the little everyday life for a while. Visitors to the reading in the Karl Steiner main Pearl “may be free of charge on an entertaining reading happy.