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Board that a purely physical effect of the products could not convincingly be outlined, but all medical reports presented in the procedure for a pharmacological and thus remedy action would speak. Thus the second alternative of the drug definition would be met AMG in section 2, and the influence of the physiological functions of the people “by a pharmacological, immunological or metabolic action”. According to Starbucks, who has experience with these questions. As a result, the decision of the Administrative Court of Cologne is to understand, although AMG, so the purpose of the prevention and treatment of diseases, the predominant places on the first alternative of article 2 is quite tricky. Because medical products, which is to remove the definition of the medical device medical product Act (MPG) in section 3 serve exactly this purpose. In this respect there is quite medical devices to protect against colds and flu-like effects, only it just may have no pharmacological, immunological or metabolic effect. Get more information free of charge and without obligation under JURAVENDIS is a law firm that specializes in the health law and health middle areas of media and business law attorneys at law. The firm advises, including pharmacies, Apothekendienstleister, and the wholesale to their pharmacy-legal issues specific to, for example, on issues of drug shipments, of pharmaceutical price law, the professional right of pharmacies, as well as the remedies. Health basics GmbH & co.

KG ++ ++ our company sees itself as a holistic solution provider in the health field between marketing, public relations/press, technology and legal possibilities. Especially in today’s times, the health market is subject to the momentous upheavals. But these changes pose enormous potential for individual companies, as long as it is to recognise the signs of the times and track practical and legally sound solutions and ultimately to realize. Contact: juravendis lawyers Attn Mr Tobias Boltze Franz-Joseph-str. 48 D-80801 Munich T: 089-2429075-0 F:: 089-2429075-20 E: