God wants you to open big doors and you want to succeed in everything you do, but will not succeed if you have people thanks before a The king pleasure in honest lips; love those who speaks the truth. Proverbs 16:13 (NIV) I was a few years working exclusively in the computer service and something I noticed when visiting new customers was that most had an attitude of distrust, thinking that somehow I was going to cheat by charging more or exaggerating the job, I learned that weighs heavily technical services trust and honesty as people seek something primordial.Cuando me to a diagnosis of computers trying to explain to people as clearly as possible what the problem was and the various possible solutions and always advised them that suited them. Working with fear of God and with honesty and gaining what he thought was right on every job. Being in this environment, I realized that most of the technical diagnostics and charged exaggerated quite high the precios.Las sooner or later people perceive a lack of transparency, and the fact that we speak with complete honesty generated a grace on me, then customers call me again and recommend, so it was that my work is multiplied in a surprising. Lugo a time when I had to leave that job for another activity to my clients told them and lamented very much and please ask me to continue giving the service, because I had won his confidence. yConclusion? Honesty is the largest business for your life, grace, kind words, good treatment and transparency makes excellent relations generate, makes you big doors open.