Advertising Mail

Returning from work and taking out the mailbox pile advertising mail, he did not suspect that to rent a cottage for the weekend, you can quickly, confidentially and safely. Ad with a similar text immediately caught eyes and made us think. – Why not diversify our life together and do not meet wedding anniversary in nature? Need a cottage for the weekend! – He decided, setting aside booklet and typing on a cell phone specified number. First – it was busy, then – long time no one took up. Finally, on the other end "realized it" and a cute girl's voice operator, apologizing for the delay, told about the benefits that can be "Win" if rent a cottage for the weekend, using the services of this firm.

Its a lot of cajoling would not have been after the girl reported that rent a cottage for the weekend can be relatively near the city. In this case, said the operator to choose which cottage for the weekend is better to rent, it is actually not only in the office, but also on the Internet. Using the search on the specified site, he never stopped surprised "range – luxury villas in the suburbs and small cozy cabins for two, luxury suites with fireplace and bar and a modest wooden" castle "in a pine forest Here is the cottage for weekend will be our! – Jabbing his finger into the picture liked ownership and habitually slammed the "fold" of your laptop Week raced swiftly.