A brief summary

A brief summary of its history William Higginbotham, an American physicist, designed in 1957 simulating a tennis game in order to entertain visitors at one of its exhibitions and where a horizontal line and a small vertical central network mode simulating the track. The gameplay consisted of calculation with an oscilloscope players determined to strike the alleged ball. Higinbotham’s invention had no commercial intent and was never patented, reflected only as a scientific curiosity. But about 15 years later this idea was refined and became and implementing any changes by adding a record of scoring points. In the most important game in history, now there were two parallel lines as a racket, a central vertical line dividing the screen into two pixel blocks and a large serving in a slow ball table tennis simulation.Atari was responsible for developing and marketing under the name of Pong, which appeared in the early arcade recreation. Actually before Pong became the most famous and popular game of the day, a few years earlier the founder of Atari, Nolan Bushnell created the first commercial arcade one or two players and was called “Computer Space”. The first console was the Magnavox Odyssey appeared to hit the market in 1972, the console was so primitive that the players had to score his points in a role as the device had no memory whatsoever. Three years after Atari fought back by creating its first home console, with the name of the acclaimed flagship Atari Pong game, the console only allowed to play this game at that time what was the closest thing the gaming machine to take home. Yet the idea was not well received nor cost effective to have one and only game with no other possibility.Then in 1977 two years later got his deserved Atari pursued success with its new console the Atari 2600 a revolution so far in the world of first-game. Atari2600 innovation had to change games with new cartridges. This console had only 8 bits of power but in those days were enough to combat the competition began to resurface in the shadows. The 2600 remained at the top leading his rivals (such as the Magnavox Odyssey 2 “even competed with the” Intellivision Mattle “who had the power of 16 bits) for many years thanks to its extensive catalog of games, profits allowed the company to buy licenses for films which pushed still much more successful that lasted more than a decade until he was finally dethroned by Nintendo.In 1985 appears the NES called “Famicom” in Japan, came at a time of crisis where it seemed that the world of video games roof started playing with nothing really new or surprising in the course of nearly thirteen years of the hegemony of the Atari2600. Nintendo backed by the genius of creation of their games took a twist and getting launched soon be the first successful console to its manufacturer. It was still common throughout history that joined Nintendo Tetris and Mario Bros. (The Library ion) is testing a library without a librarian Mario tea made. Nintendo played in their favor of exclusivity and monopoly in their games development companies obliged to remain loyal to it and not give their creations to other relevant platforms on the market. He used to lower the manufacturing cost post and got a perfectly round and profitable business.While in the rear waiting impatiently with his Sega Master System to stand up and grab the success we had both Nintendo and machine harvested. In 1986 Sega takes for the battle and has started its new console home to American and European territory where really if he was able (unlike in Japan) to achieve a remarkable success and surpassed sales of the NES. Yet two years later, Sega has chosen a new 16-bit machine which will provide more sales and more popularity with a supposed improvement in the technical quality of the device. presented its Sega Mega Drive that although difficult in the first years of life finally managed to keep up and compete when just a few years later in 1992 came Super Nintendo in the same way had a strength of 16 bits.MegaDrive got and he built a decent reputation with games as famous as their banner and mascot Sonic the ultrasonic Porcupine direct rival Nintendo mascot Mario, among other titles as “Outrun” and “Virtua Fighter” many converts directly their leisure. Nintendo in the years following that lasted two consoles decided to focus on creating more and better games that make shade for the Sega titles that appeared while this more thoroughly focused on the launch of a multitude of consoles and the creation of new peripherals and additional accessories to enhance the capabilities of your system. In recent times, and after attempts to Sega with their “add-ons (extensions for the Sega Mega Drive and 32X or Sega Mega-CD console endowed with greatest potential) was the Sega Saturn with the ending the age of 16-bit consoles.