A new technical report as eBook of author Elke Reihl the ebook island presents you with a further expert report in digital form. The fourth author Elke Reihl Advisor is devoted to the current problem area school. From an unconventional perspective out, she explains how parents, teachers and students can help to eliminate the conflict. With their attitude, it conveys that it is not about a clarification of the question of guilt, but that everyone involved which must include on your own nose, so that something can change. Examples of Bavarian schools, she depicts the current situation of school from the different perspectives of the viewer and analyzed every position. It is striking that the three parties (parents, teachers and students) will provide contrary representations the situation, where the view of teachers has found still no hearing in public. The author sees hidden the basis of the conflict is represented by all the ego interests involved but some under the guise of a helper syndrome. which, after recognition and self-affirmation, searches and thus involved the sacrifice leads to, as long as this remains unfulfilled.

This form of ego-centeredness can only lead to disappointment. The only solution to the problem is helper roles to define the own self worth and thus staking their own limits. So just parents and teachers are looking into just this, what else can be done and needs to produce well-trained students. Parents define their own self-worth through their children, and teachers about good students. This Bill but no longer goes on because the young generation from the adult needs no recognition for their self image, and thus, keeping even a “zero Bock” is acceptable, if it is satisfied that it is doing a good.

This excessive self-consciousness requires neither performance nor capabilities, making it resistant to any criticism. This is not exactly unproblematic, because students are so constructive development use, which in life after school is hard to catch up, but each are required so that you can make his own money. In addition, the author of each participating Group offers an own approach and makes it clear that they apply to all Germans, who are involved in school issues, not just addressed Bavarian secondary schools. The writing style of the author is pointed in the usual manner and part polemic. This contributes to that of the text should be handled not dry, but is amusing to read. The eBook is for anyone who is open to conflict resolution for new perspectives which go hand in hand with responsibility for improving life. Get more information about this eBook on the separate shop page.