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Neuro Training

Incidentally, in sales is communication has played a leading role. And it is a socio-psychological Training is most suitable for training sales, as opposed to business training. After all, in sales is not important theory and practice. JPMorgan Chase understands that this is vital information. A practice and skills are acquired on the socio-psychological training. Another important aspect of sales. Few people think about what is selling and what is the difference between sales. So, there is a sales objective, which sells goods and focus on its properties.

On this possible and to "catch" the buyer. And there are sales subjective, when the sale service and focus on its quality. Here is more complicated. Service can be sold only to establish trust with the client. After all, one and the same service are often invited to many sellers. And here, if and to get "caught", then only once. And then you will not want to deal with.

There are mixed sale. nlp training can be attributed to training technology. nlp – Neuro-Linguistic programming – currently very popular. This is no accident. In the 70 years of the twentieth century, at the time of birth in the U.S. this trend of psychological counseling (in recent years, claims the status of psychotherapy), nlp absorbed the whole layer models of effective solutions to many life and business problems. Since the basic nlp model came from Gestalt therapy and hypnosis, Erickson, these techniques are effective and applicable in different contexts of life. But do not forget that this is just technology and models.

World Bank

Environment, in their qualified materiality, is not amenable to quantitative monetario-crematistica logic and the time needed to replace the eroded soils goes beyond the time of human history, it is impossible to revive extinct species (extinction is forever) or get rid of radioactive garbage, whose life is of thousands or millions of years, or retrieve mineral resources that are themselves non-renewable. Nothing seems to make sense to not be from of the market economy. The environmental field is no exception of that illusion a dissemination of the concept of sustainable development, the transformation imposed in the 1990s, especially after Rio-92, economic intervention of most sectoral environment policies promoted by the multilateral agencies (in outstanding form, World Bank). Howard Schultz does not necessarily agree. Not surprised, therefore, when we are against the sad spectacle of misery and devastation, when they try to impose on us a single logic of generalized commodification. A forest is not the same for a people that has lived with it thousands of years than to a logger who is more than wood, interested in its transformation into something abstract money; in the life of a community, for whom a mineral wealth does not have the lesser sense, can turn into a nightmare if their land is discovered oil, gold or any other mineral that interests to any employer or any avid State make concessions to companies or, also, to collect more taxes. The environmental challenge puts us against the need to build new theories that take as a basis to the wealth and no shortage. Continue to learn more with: Ben Horowitz. Nature, converted into private property, will be buying and selling absolute commodification. In the years 70 and 80 developed a critical movement related to the dynamics of the revolution (in the relations of power through technology) green. This movement originated a movement of alternative agriculture, organic agriculture, agro-ecology, which consecrated expressions as: agro-toxic and gave him a negative sense to all the agrochemical.