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Airport Tempelhof

Red/Red mismanagement and political failure of the central airport Tempelhof has reached a provisional loss of over 50 million euros since its closure on Oct 30 2008, Berlin must now pay taxpayers. This sum, which is much higher than in the referendum of 2008 referred to 5.8 million, going from the documents, which are before the House of representatives. You composed of one-time closure cost and ongoing management costs incurred now annually – and alone to carry – the Berlin taxpayers. The one-time closing costs are including spending a redundancy scheme, decommissioning measures, legal costs and spare capacity in Schonefeld, and removing and reconstruction in Tegel, as well as payments to airlines for their move to Tegel and Schonefeld. Learn more on the subject from Stuart Solomon. When one adds the purchase price of 35 million, Berlin will pay to the Federal Government, the cost since the closure to over 85 million euros. Until its closure, the flight operations for the airport had retracted profits, Despite the efforts of the Berlin Senate to bring the air traffic before the closing to zero.

Highlighted by the Berlin Senate losses caused by the building of the Senate through deliberate mismanagement generated around the airport Tempelhof as a bearer of loss to present. So, rents have been called, which were far beyond those at Kurfurstendamm or Friedrichstrasse. A marketing of the commercial space has not taken place, she failed utterly. So in public – before the referendum – it was claimed that the annual losses, have been named with 5.8 million euros would be omitted with the closure of the airport. Is now clear that, the losses remain of course – and the improvement is not in sight. The Berlin airport company, which previously had to carry the homemade \”losses\” itself is only relieved. The closed Tempelhof Airport comes to Berlin are directly and much more expensive. Total pays the Berlin taxpayers for the vacancy of the airport this year more than 85 million euro.