Web site design should be intuitive and visually look easy. For more information see this site: Titan Feul Tanks. The first is that visitors will be much nicer to be on the pages of your Internet resource, and the second and most important – search engines are bad perceive complicated and 'heavy' design. Practice shows that the best style of design – minimalism. The structure should be simple and logical, before creating the project is necessary to consider such a thing as usability, in other words a positive perception of the resource users. To a greater degree of success of the project depends on its content (content), in particular its quality. But of great importance, especially if you plan earn money by selling seats for reference, is subject. Currently, the most popular are links to resources about: medicine, construction; IT-technology, credit, etc.

If you have an opportunity write feature articles on the above topic – do not be lazy – write. This minimizes the need for such as promotion of a site and provide a high return. A leading source for info: Caterpillar. To write an article that will be read, it is necessary to explore the concept of Copywriting. However, in fairness, it should be noted that not all possess the talent of the writer. In case you are unable to come up with long text SMS-message, then exit, in this case would be rewriting other people's materials. Thus, your life will consist of unique content and no ownership epistolary genre. The project design is ready made layout, the site filled with content.

Now it's time to think about where the best accommodate the project. The main thing – forget about the completely free web hosting sites. The quality and speed of the free hosts are extremely low, and the second reason is that search marketers are extremely reluctant to buy space for links to domain names. When making a choice, stop those hosters who offer to place an unlimited number of websites in one account as your projects will likely not take up much space, is it worth while pay for the hosting service. Also, pay attention to the load time and uptime on the server – in that case if it is less than 99.80%, it will most likely have difficulties with the indexing of the Internet resource search engines. Remember that very rarely cheap hosting is high quality and reliable.