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National Council Executive President

Republic of PARAGUAY ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI GUARANI, MERCOSUR NE TEETE EL ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI form part of LA Commission national of the BICENTENNIAL of the Republic of PARAGUAY source: * the President of the legislature, Senator Enrique Gonzalez Quintana, together with the President of the Republic, Mr Fernando Lugo of the holder of the Judicial power, Dr. Antonio FretesHe participated on May 14, 2009 the Act of official presentation of the National Commission of commemoration of the bicentennial of the independence of the Republic of the Paraguay, as well as the programme of activities planned to celebrate significant event. The event took place at the Independence Hall of the Palace of Lopez and counted with the presence of the Minister of culture, Luis Manuel (Tityos) Escobar and the Executive Secretariat of the bicentennial Commission, Margarita Morselli, in addition to other national authorities. After the initial words of President Fernando Lugo, explaining the objectives that move the actions of the Commission Bicentennial, the head of the Secretariat of culture, Ticio Escobar, highlighted the presence of the Presidents of the three powers of the State; it, he said, shows the real dimension of a State which decides to hold its history, looking at the construction of the future and affirming a common platform that is uniting all citizens and representing the entire State over and above the differences. ** The national commemoration of the bicentennial Commission was created by Act No.

3,495 and is responsible for the planning and implementation of projects in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the national independence. * It is composed of a Governing Board, a Standing Advisory Committee and an Executive Secretariat.