It was inevitable that the loving ones of the mysteries if astonished at one such of meeting and there they saw however the explanation divides of geometry, however the justification of the magic for the mathematics. The geometric relations of the great pyramid of Giz had opened way for other interpretations, that comes back to the symbolism of the alchemists. In HORNUNG (1981), the square is a rectilinear figure of four sides and four equal angles. It can be divided in diverse ways: diagonal line, it produces two or four triangles. Moreover, it can be divided of several other ways with arcs and angles. The study of the properties of the squares more convenient if it is based on the study of its components, mainly of the triangle. CHEVALIER and GHEERBRANT (1999) if relate to the square as ones of the geometric figures more frequent and universally used in the language of the symbols.

He is one of the four basic symbols, grease with the center, the circle and the cross. It is symbol of the land for opposition to the sky, but also, in one another level, the symbol of the universe created, land and sky, for opposition to the incriado one and the creator; it is the antithesis of transcendente. The cube, according to CHEVALIER and GHEERBRANT (1999), is the square of the square, it has, in the order of the volumes the same significao that the square in the order of the surfaces. It symbolizes the material world and the set of the four elements. By its balance, it was taken as symbol of the stability.

Found, frequently, in the base of the thrones. In a mstico direction the cube was considered symbol of the wisdom, the truth and the moral perfection. The cross can be considered according to HORNUNG (1981), when two lines if cross making straight angles, in way that the four arms have equal lengths, the resultant form is called ' ' cruz' '.

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