The Materials

After removing old frames installers put new plastic windows, and close up the joints, producing test hardware (as is well-opened window is closed), the ebb – window sills on the outside and put the windowsill indoors. When a responsible approach to business installation of each window is the time from 3 to 5 hours. Upon completion of performers required to remove all large debris, if the terms of the contract. This is a general scheme for the installation of plastic windows and doors. Below are our recommendations and tips: – The multi-layered wall, installation of plastic windows is at least 1 / 3 of the outer edge of the surface of the opening. Otherwise, the area of a window will appear stagnant zone, which lead to fogging of glasses. Installation of plastic windows in the multi-layered wall is as close as possible to the layer of sealant – total weight of the structure is more than 70 kg, so with time window sags under its own weight.

High-quality plastic windows are equipped with a special device – microlift, reducing the load on the hardware – temperature fluctuations all the materials tend to shrink or expand, so must be very clearly calculate the space left between the wall and window. The higher coefficient of expansion of plastic, the greater should be the assembly seam – foam, which is usually filled with all the seams, is an excellent thermal insulation material, but at the same time, it absorbs moisture and eventually destroyed by sunlight. To make your window a few months after the start of operation was not necessary repairs, carefully follow along with the capital of the foam insulation joints both inside and outside the building. Of course, this is not all the points that should be taken into account during the installation of windows and doors. Given this, again like note – trust only installation professionals, and your windows will serve you faithfully for many years.