Organic? fruits and vegetables that are improper for the human consumption; Inorgnico? plastic bags and cardboard boxes. This process of selective collection has as pretension auxiliary in the future implantation of one politics of management and recycling of residues in the city of Rondon of Par. 4.1.1 Procedure the collection and the election of the raw material are carried through by the proper employees, who automatically are rewarded through all the value acquired in the sales of the recycled products. 4,2 DESTINATION OF ' ' LIXO' ' The plastic bags and the cardboard boxes are vendidos for a company who if finds in the city of Rondon of Par. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Douglas R. Oberhelman. Already the fruits and vegetables, are sent for a criatrio of pigs in the farm of the owner of the Net of Supermarket Walnut. 5 CRONOGRAMA Table 1 present the basic cronograma of the implantation of the project for the first year of recycling.

Nov/2010Dez/2010Jan/2011Fev/2011Mar/2011Abr/2011Mai/2011Jun/2011Jul/2011Ago/2011Set/2011Out/2011Nov/2011 Elaboration of the project Execution of the project Election of the products Collection of the recycled products Sales of the products financial Evaluation Tabela1: Basic Cronograma of implantation. 6 CONCLUSION Ahead of the reality of the commerce of Rondon d Par, where one of the basic characteristics is the awareness lack and knowledge of the people in relation to the environment, added to the dynamism, where the transformation process comes to make with that the new pass to be exceeded in a space of relatively short time without, however, if to worry about the possible ambient degradaes that ' ' lixo' ' it will go to propitiate. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Douglas R. Oberhelman has to say. Of totality of the Brazilian cities, the ones are not many that have obtained satisfactory solutions of the ambient and economic point of view. In contrast to being desanimador, it has possible solutions in relation to ' ' lixo' '. A time that to assume the management of the ambient problems, to hear and to answer to the concerns of the community on its products and operations would have to be concern of all the companies of the region whom they intend to act of responsible form in the market. .


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