Women joined the household chores traditionally performed, key responsibilities in the field so far clearly male, but man, was dismissed with the responsibilities or same with respect to the house, wasting the opportunity to develop as human beings, in the administration of your home, and the relationship with their children. In more developed societies, there is a greater exchange of roles, where the man is not afraid of being labeled as weak, if he spends time with her young children, with those who have secured a better rapport and greater spiritual authority, as they grow . The economic factor and knowledge, play an important role in achieving long-awaited balance, because what in antiquity was achieved with the power of physical force, is now accomplished with the economic and intellectual power, and when a older women receive income or is more successful than your partner, it creates a conflict in which four cases may happen: 1. The woman declines their aspirations and resignation to their personal success to please his partner. Result: the woman is frustrated. 2. The woman accepts his personal success and the couple broke up. Result: frustration for both.

3. Man accommodates the new situation and became dependent on women, given the imbalance in favor of the woman who has power over man. Result: frustration for the man. 4. The man retains its autonomy and know you have qualities that go beyond the economic power to achieve what rules and so close to balance in the couple. Result: satisfaction for both. Therefore we can conclude that only a smart way you can minimize the conflict of gender imbalance. Women, despite the social pressure, always had a high esteem and trust in their abilities, defended his ideas and achieved many changes throughout history, so today we can say that thanks to them and sensible men accepted the capacities of women and not feared, there is the bargaining power between two autonomous beings, but complementary, which have the same rights of personal development, mutual subject. I just hope that in future, women do not have a special day of celebration of his condition, but all day be it, as are the man.

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