Robert Penn Warren

" Eight years later he was expelled from Ingolstadt city and hired a school teacher in Nuremberg board for boys, from which was successfully fired. In all likelihood, the real Faust was capable of adapting, surviving and surfacing again after the next persecution and shame. Himself, he represented the great magician and a medium, an astrologer and palmists, handing out their business cards right and left. At least two well-known person tried to use its services – a German adventurer, discovers Eldorado and senator from Wurzburg, interested in the outcome of the war with Frantsiey.Tak what was the basis for his charges in a deal with the devil? Belief that Faust was the dark forces. come down to us through the work of Pastor Johann Gast, who wrote that the teachings of the horse and dog Faust were really evil spirits, whose office was provided the host contract with the devil. By According to other clergy, and some scientists, Fouse was' immoral, pointless and ignorant 'physician-crook'.

Some historians believe that he could have belonged to the 'true alchemists', whose task was to achieve inner perfection by multiple studies. But this idea has not received due recognition. And could not, in those days, when the truth of divine revelation posed a contradiction to science. Secular learning was considered so evil that inevitably began to appear the legend of the scientists who were forced to sell his soul to the devil in exchange for more knowledge. According to orthodox Protestants, the sorcerer was doomed to perpetual curse for the simple reason that he preferred human knowledge .Nesomnenno one, this issue has not ceased to haunt the minds of people, mostly come in the form of the masterpieces of world art. In 1954, a year after the mysterious death author of the work, there was 'tragic story of life and death of Doctor Faustus', which became the apotheosis of the line of repentance: O that's my soul must be tormented for the sins, set the bounds of this endless agony! Let Faustus live in hell even a thousand, a hundred millennia, but will be finally saved! But some of the greatest works is a drama by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's 'Faust', where Faust is willing to sell his soul to a mere moment of this experience, which will bring him full satisfaction. So why is the murder of a magician and a sorcerer, or just a great swindler, attracted a large number of brilliant thinkers and their works will stimulate people's minds to this day. Perhaps the answer lies in the eternal theme of the struggle between good and evil? And not all means are good to achieve the goal? And as he said the famous American novelist Robert Penn Warren: "You must make good out of evil, because it more nothing to do. "