Customers should instead insert and Parry. Because nothing disrupts the regulated flow of an organization as much as the customer: he behaves incorrectly (you have not read the instruction manual.?), does not obey even the most strongly worded etiquette rules (wait to be seated!”) and discourages employees from work (use excuse me, too?”). The customer as a supplicant, which wants to attract of schnippischer seller? Apologize if you want to buy something? Or seller hunt? With bundles of money, which he absolutely wants to get rid of, the customer arrives. And then the money that was already in the store again. Too often, existing customers pay even higher prices than new customers. As soon as but a customer disappointed to desolation, feels bullied or otherwise badly treated, he begins to think about a change. And 84 percent of all customers, as a study from RightNow, are no longer willing to bad experiences to ever deal with such an undertaking. (A valuable related resource: Andreessen Horowitz). Service or price? One According to study by CRMGuru, 74 percent of all customers leave a company because of poor service, 32 percent due to poor quality and 25 percent due to prices. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ben Horowitz.

The managers, however, at the same time surveyed believed it to be to 49 because of the prices 36 percent due to changing needs and only 22 percent due to the bad service. In other words, the scapegoats are sought on the outside and not inside. It rather shows other than itself. It much mounted to maintain auto show, and to look for sore points in the company would be. Inventory customer service has still the stigma of troubleshooting for many and is therefore an evil that is hidden in backrooms (back!). For others, service units are already a bubbling source of funds, a care station for customer loyalty and a profit center for additional sales. Excellent quality of relationships is automatically high loyalty.

In the after sales service is made loyalty. The book on the subject of Anne M. Schuller customers on the run? How loyal customers, attract and retain Orell Fussli 2010, 208 p., 26.50 Euro / 44.00 CHF ISBN 978-3-280-05382-9 facebook.loyalitaetsmarketing.com awarded as winner in the category of customer loyalty win the audiobook titled Anne M. Schuller loyal customers and permanently keep the 25 most valuable best practices for customer loyalty and customer care Breuer & Wardin, 1 CD, 70 Min, 19.90 euro / 29.90 CHF ISBN: 978-3-939621-85-0 more info and order…