Piglet Business

Instructions for preparing ideas for planting technology training ideas for planting clearly painted in the manual on business planning. When exploring the idea of a business plan to become clearer, there is specificity, float weaknesses, there is a vision of the prospects. The important thing is that now the generator ideas work more productively, it is not simply generates, and finds a solution for translating ideas into reality. Business planning – it is applied thinking, "idling is stopped," "clutch engaged," the sly touch. How long does it devote a business plan, what should be the volume of business plan, what level of detail required for each case is decided individually. It is enough to start a basic outline steps or fix the key points (business plan on a napkin), large business projects require the involvement of many resources, business plan worked out in more detail and carefully. Where are we going and Piglet? Remember the words of funny songs Vinipuha: "Where are we going and Piglet – a big, big secret! And do not tell us about it, oh, no, no, and ….

" For many start-ups this verse filled with deep sadness the reality. Not even having something remotely resembling a business plan, they try to find business partners, raise capital, conversations are reduced to waving his arms in the air, and secrets at every turn. In a word – try to go without knowing where, why and standing still. So, dear reader, if pockets are full of ideas, it's time to prepare them for planting. Do you have a plan? A business plan is! What do I do next? Even the best in the world of seeds, with a guarantee of 100% germination, a phenomenal yield, ten times the adjusted excellent business plan, will not allow the harvest, if it still will wallow in your pocket. The seed must be planted in the ground! It turns out that to arrive at what, say at the beginning of the letter-writer "Easy to say go and do it." It's really easy, but it is the only formula that can make the implementation of business ideas as possible. It's simple: go and do it! Or have any questions? The whole philosophy of business in two sentences is very capacious attitude in business can be found in Paul Hokena "I start a business," only two offers, and everything becomes clear: "To the business – and, in general, for every case – it is best to apply as a growing tree, carefully cultivate it, to protect against pests, making fertilizer, take care to transplant received in full light and heat … Then the tree will bear fruit over time it will be possible to gather a good harvest. "