Say about this city is very different. Dark, built in the swamps, full of ghosts and dark legends – that's about it. A beautiful, radiant, unique in the world, unforgettable – it is also about him. It is different, very different. For this he was and loved.

For this, and hate. All year round here, thousands of people flock – to see with my own eyes all that it is spoken and written. You also chose to tour to St. Petersburg visiting the South Seas? Well, perhaps you are right. This city unique. Suppose you decide not to use the services of companies and go on their own.

Assume also that you are not friends and acquaintances who could show you the city, but at the same time provide a roof over your head. And here you are standing on the platform of one of the stations of the city … What's next? Of course, you can just go aimlessly. What to look for – there is a need. Especially if you travel a few stations on the metro and be at the center. But by the middle of the day, as Whether you admire the beauty, it becomes clear that you are hungry and need a place to stay. What should I do? Since food is simple – a cafe in the heart of many, to suit every taste and budget. Choose – even a restaurant, even McDonald's, so that you increase soul. With housing increasingly difficult course, with the search for housing can go the same way as with the food – just go to any hotel. But this option too many shortcomings – can not be places you can not arrange the price, quality service, location – but who knows what else? Ideally, therefore, should take care of accommodation in advance, searching the internet options. There are many options – from budget hostels for 150 rubles per day, small hotels and hostels – 400-500 rubles to infinity.

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