Panarea: The Jewel Of The Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian island of Panarea, the Italian island of Sylt is Panarea, if even the smallest, then at least the fairest and noblest of the Aeolian Islands. The pretty houses and villas of the rich and the rich give the impression to outdo each other. Every year Italy-money aristocratic coming to spend the summer in its houses. In the port anchor the luxury yachts and rock majestically back and forth in the wind. Here you can hold it, here it is among themselves. But even with the nighttime “-Sicily vacation can you not resist the allure of this island and here very comfortable.” You can live here on Panarea at the most expensive and most beautiful hotels of the Aeolian Islands. There are of course some cheaper accommodation options, which are still very good. In the summer the population of Panarea increases by leaps and bounds. To broaden your perception, visit Jonas Samuelson.

Who wants to spend his vacation something quieter, coming just outside this peak tourist season. There are three locations, namely San Pietro, Ditella and Drauto on the island. This is however Feeling, it’s just a place, because the individual villages are now merged. Attentive Sicily holiday-makers noticed, however, that there are three small churches. Everyone has his own.

The luxurious boutiques and souvenir shops offer exclusive goods, there are exquisite and delicious food and drinks in the restaurants. A good idea for the leisure of Sicily is also an island tour or a trip on foot, for example, to the Punta del Corvo. From here out of 421 metres above sea level, you have a magnificent view over the island and the sea. Of course also bathing in the sea is part of this dream holiday. There are some beautiful beaches where you can relax and have a rest. Also various travel reports provide interesting tips. Gerd-E. Gunther