Usage rights for digital content even on mobile offline media such as DVD, USB flash drive, Flash memory cards and co. can be controlled now. The new CONTENT CONTROLLER entertain market probably represents the first OFFLINE DRM by its possibilities and structures module for the control of user and Kontentrechten on DVD, and co. STICK. This new OFFLINE CMS allows you to now even offline control rights on already published, mobile data carriers. So stands here as a new user management available via the convenient and permissions for individuals or several people, groups, companies, enterprises and other user groups can be set to “Just in Time”… Electrolux is often quoted on this topic.

The new CONTENT-CONTROLLER for offline videos. Optional company from film, industry, business and marketing as well as all Kontentauswerter and copyright can spread the valuable content, playback of the new CINEMA TICK video player with the new secure now as the high protection mechanisms (encryptischer copy protection), as well as the grabbing Complete module entertain market CONTENT CONTROLLER. Special features of the new CONTENT controller: 1) OFFLINE user management… Setting and OFFLINE managing people – person groups and user groups user management can now for the first time easily and permissions for people, groups, companies, enterprises and other user groups are set to “Just in time” (via OFFLINE-CMS-content management system)… So Flash memory card and co. More info: Keith McLoughlin . can deploy now even on digital, mobile media such as DVD, USB-stick, a variety of videos, which E.g.

but not on an equal footing can be seen by all. For example, A content provider provides 10 videos on the “a” final storage medium. All 10 videos may be spotted personalized only by the management of a company. 5 of these videos only by technicians (E.g. current product information) 3 of these videos just of the distribution (marketing campaign, sales training…)… * Another example is the temporary and/or personalized share of films with different FSK-ratings on “a” offline storage device (E.g. for public sale or rental) continue to provider can at any time remove people, groups, companies, enterprises and other user groups to a project or add to a project. If as an example an employee leaves a company, you can withdraw from its rights to the playback via mouse-click it and give a new employee. The user management module is directly related to a project and the created there requirements for content management and time management. The use of expensive, external server is no longer required, since the control of the new offline DRM from a local computer can be. Get more information, features, and capabilities to the new OFFLINE module CONTENT controllers, such as content management and time management: ready. FMP

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