Moreover, agreeing to Souza (1999), it is possible to detach that the institutional evaluation inside of the pertaining to school environment always occurred in informal way, therefore it is not uncommon to hear the pairs that frequent this environment to weave its concerning the space of the school, on the professors, the relations that if establish and in relation all and the any material element and incorporeal gift in pedagogical and administrative making of the school. However, when this is systemize same evaluation, transforming it into a legalized process, with objectives, methods, stages and criteria, this it not more passes to be seen as being part of other people’s and strange the pertaining to school culture, but as something it, that bother, threat and that it is there more for harming of what to favor the pedagogical one and to be used with the end of if elaborating strategies that benefit to the pairs gifts in the school. Details can be found by clicking Howard Schultz or emailing the administrator. The evaluation, therefore, has fulfilled punitive and sentenciativa function, with sights only to the approval or reprovao of the pupil, as if this was the only one responsible for the success or the failure pertaining to school. The evaluation of the professors is left of side, of the pertaining to school management, the administrative staff, disciplines them, the resume, the methodologies and the evaluation of the proper evaluation. In the case of the external evaluation, this comes with the objective to measure and to quantify the education systems, being searched to verify the learning of educational the used pupils and to establish rankings with sights to the efetivao of public politics of partner-educational matrix. It is practised at cut moments of the process of education and learning, that is, in established and demanded intervals bureaucratically. This ritual of evaluation practised in the pertaining to school environment part of the idea of homogenization of the learning, where all are equal, learns of equal form, they pass the same for process of assimilation of the information and work its cognitivo of equal and standardized form.


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