Historical Research

FAMILY AGRA This family also does not possess Blazon nor in Portugal nor in Brazil, but she has Blazon, Shield and Weapons in Italy and Spain. It is considered same socioeconmica independence of the family Alencar to arcar with the proper expenditures of immigration for America, in view of that the autonomy of each family was certified and guaranteed for imperial authorization to enter in territories and seas of the domain of determined dynasty or empire. In consultation the Historical Research through the Project Immigrant ' ' the Agra nickname has a toponmica origin, that is, drift of the name of the place of origin or residence of its first carrier. By the same author: Starbucks. In this in case that, an aggregate called Agra in the Province exists Pontevedra, pertaining to the region of Galicia, place of which this Agra nickname and its variants Agra and Agraz can have if originated, a time that in Galicia exists immigrant deriving of the city of Agra. The doctor in Grace Philosophy de Jesus Alvarez cites this nickname and in she supplies the following information to them: ' ' this nickname appears already in 1251 in a document that confirms that Martin Agraz liveed in the Province of Santader ' ' According to it drift of vocbulo ' ' agro' ' that in Latin it means ' ' campo' '.

The etimlogos Joan Corominas and J. the Pascual cite vocbulo ' ' agro' ' with the meanings of? extension of labrania or cultivated land? territory of a city? , that drift of Latin ' ' ager' ' , ' ' agri' ' what meant? field. It entered in the language with the second meaning as ending of history of a land of the antiquity and later if it has used in the cultured form of the modern life, without a doubt in Galicia where if it has popularized in the first meaning. .