When God created the world, was first created potentially and then in reality. It was necessary that first Dios produced a contraction, so that there is a space where to create it. Also happens in our lives we are all born with potential and we all live in a reality which does not necessarily reflect the potential with which once came to this world.At birth we are only unrealized promise. The purpose of life is making a reality of good, complete the creation. We should so do us the same way that God, by removing potential reality, creates. Our job is to finish our own creation, to realize our full potential.(1)The objective of the Kabala, is to become a partner with God in the creative process, and in particular on its purpose, which means to make this world a dwelling place for God and his essence absolute infinite light. (4)We all have strengths and weaknesses, each possesses a remarkably different combination, which we must refine and develop good and control, transform and delete (where possible) negative ones.In the process of life, many times we are going away those dreams and goals that once drew up us, sometimes for life takes us through other paths, others by that as we grow change some goals., or simply postponed them or forget about them.The main task of the man in life is to give birth, becoming what potentially is (Erich Fromm).It is to be partner of God in the creation, upon completion of our own, developing and connecting us to our own essence.The current reality of each one is not a full reflection of the lessons that most need to learn, which are repeated over and over again, in different frames, moments and with different people until you confront them and the choices that we make, for good or for bad, doors that were opened to us and of which we are closed or not even notice that he had or that we believed closed, because the choices we make throughout our way dictate the life we live do not the results you like? Change your choices blame each other of what happens to us it isn’t more than apologizing to us mismoEcharle the blame on others for our quality of life is a sad way to live, if we do only we are playing at being victims, because living like this, you are essentially saying that we are unable to direct our life (2).

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