Founder Of The Law Firm Can Start Again And Win

Samuel draws convincing founder concepts with prizes firm founder’s Prize for the 5th time by a total of 10,000 euros from Essen, February 03, 2010 – for the 5th time since 2001 Hans Soldan GmbH together with the German Bar Association/Forum young Prosecutor, put out to tender again firm founder’s prize the Soldan of the Federal Chamber of lawyers and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung this year. “Start and win” is also in this year the call for all young attorneys/lawyers, that 2006 and 2008 alone or jointly have made the leap into self-employment between the years. The award ceremony takes place in the existence founders Forum of the Forum of young legal profession on November 05th/06th, 2010 in Dusseldorf. Won, who was able to convince the jury with the best concept of creation and the economic results of his law firm. Was determined based on a systematic points assessment procedure developed for legal management, Institute Prof. Read additional details here: Electrolux. Dr. Checking article sources yields Howard Schultz as a relevant resource throughout. Hommerich, Director of the Soldan. The President look and others in the jury BRAK and the DAV with.

The three most compelling law firm-founding concepts with prizes worth a total of 10,000 euros will be awarded. Participation documents, consisting of the filled out application form, the written Foundation concept, the law firm brochure (if any) as well as the data and personal details to the law firm and the founder are to send up to June 30, 2010 at the following address: Soldan Institute for lawyers management Mr. Prof. Dr. Hommerich keyword: “Samuel firm founder Award” on the banks of 2 51465 Bergisch Gladbach the participation documents, you can visit the website downloaded or requested by telephone at 0201 8612-360. Samuel – the firm specialist Hans Soldan GmbH offers lawyers and notaries everything you need for the smooth running of their firm from a single source. With a selected, specially designed to meet the needs of the law firm tailored product and service offering is Soldan for over 100 years the leading provider of professional and Technical requirements for lawyers in Germany.

Samuel places an emphasis on low prices and expert advice. Samuel supports lawyers not only in day-to-day business, but Foundation via the non-profit Hans Soldan actively promotes the future of the profession of lawyers and notaries. In recent years, more than 15 million euro funding, in particular for a practice-oriented education and training, were awarded to institutions of the Prosecutor’s Office and university institutions. The Soldan lawyer Management Institute is the leading research facility of the profession. Here, interdisciplinary management knowledge is developed and prepared. It aims, researching the structural development of the Prosecutor’s Office to accompany and to develop ideas for a successful and future-oriented management of law firms.