But a small building located on a huge Skolkovo, do not follow these canons. “It’s something like a monastery of the 21st century – says Adjaye. – We tried to create something spectacular, spectacular. The place where the focus of knowledge. ” But if the campus and patio are such important architectural dominants, why Adjaye ignored them in his project? “It’s all in the climate.

Once in the building, you do not need to worry about the vicissitudes of the Russian weather. For more information see Keith McLoughlin . ” The founders of the school believe that networking (networking) – an important part of the learning process. Students must learn not only from teachers but also from each other. “Compact” design should facilitate this. “We have focused on indoor provided for communication and dialogue. The building allows us to take another look at the city in a different way to present the landscape. It acts as a link between urban and suburban life.

” Building serves as a support round podium where they will settle all the great facilities, including conference and lecture rooms, a dining room. It was here that will take all major events. Podium-topper is the basis for four thin rectangles. These architectural elements will be located campus, five-star hotel (for the business elite), administrative offices and a fitness center. These facilities – an important part of the school, although rectangular elements appear lighter than a four-cylinder podium on its roof, plus everything else will be located and a garden. The building also appears to be less massive because of the mosaic covering, made from panels of dazzling-parallelograms. All of these geometric shapes are the elements introduced under the influence of creativity Suprematists – most notably the influence of Kazimir Malevich. “We wanted to building was monumental – says Adjaye – but not too heavy. It is large, but informal architectural approach makes it easy and transparent. ” Perhaps by this strove to ease, as opposed to gravity and darkness, which is associated with doing business in Russia. In school, invest a number of companies and not all of them associated the concept of “openness” and “transparency.” For them, this project – the first step to changes to begin with – a change of image. “In this school will learn the business leaders who are the driving force of the economy. In place of the Soviet system of linear, almost military control comes another system. We become witnessed the evolution, through which there are individuals capable of action, do not miss new opportunities. Radical Constructivist architecture was the fact that they are totally different look to the future “- says Adjaye. The project Skolkovo also very good sense of a new vision for the future, although the tools that help build this “utopia”, quite different than at the beginning of the revolution. EdvinHeskot (Edwin Heathcote), Financial Times (Business Education) Translation Project Karerist.

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