Facing Pain

Therefore he is, everything that people want are to live in peace, but this is difficult when for nothing and to the same time for everything they judge you to the people, they say that you only act wrong, always wrong, you cries, you cry because you find that this lost one, already does not know pra where to go, you think that the soil already this underneath of its feet and do not think that she does not have nothing to lose. They do not judge, vocs do not know me one tero of what I pass, driving crazy are me, the images pass for my head as if I was a projector of images, the tears already I had finished if they had been together with my dreams, they are destroying my world, they stop, already this everything pulling down inside of me. Mundinho only wanted to be able to have a little of that one rose color pra me, but lately in my world they are only storms, I am drowning in everything this and it does not have nobody to save me of everything this. I only wanted to cry out pra all ' ' they leave me in peace, I am sofrendo' ' , but I was only engolindo everything this, not, for the opposite, was being all prisoner in the throat, did not go down, had that to learn to raise it the head even so it was everything so so painful, no matter how hard the heart bleed I would count on the time, that would help me to cure everything more issoe a little..