When considering the eradication of the illiteracy as basic goal, is distinguished it necessity of a great national effort, the example of what it occurred in other countries in intention to surpass the challenges in the growth and development of the national education. In the educational scope, however, one perceives that the curricular reforms and new methodologies launched currently for the education, search the installation of a process of valuation of knowing empiricists to them of the daily one for the pupil and the professor. Where, together they construct, from lived deeply bedding a new to know of solid consistency to face the difficulties of its life in the gift and the future, situation proposal for the liberating pedagogical chain praised by the educator Pablo Freire. 5 the POSSIBILITY OF a NEW TO LOOK IN a QUALITY FORMATION In such a way perceives that the ideological paper of the education in an analysis, how much to the legal plan, defined according to Law and, how much to the applicable pedagogical theories in the daily one in our pertaining to school environments its full development and its qualification for the competitive market of work do not reach a minimum support of basic knowledge in the preparation of the citizen aiming at. Source: Howard Schultz. It is observed that it does not fit more, today, a simplistic or static position, but yes, to provide and to organize one challenging environment of incentive in the school with the use of possible techniques to foment in the pupils the incentive of a creative spirit that the light one to develop abilities of search of its proper recrudescent e, with this to form habits and abilities that will become beneficial at posterior moments of its life; either in continuation in the studies, or even though in other partner-cultural activities.

However, the educational politics have not emerged proposals that exceed the level of abstract recommendations on the necessity of: a solid formation of the educators, the integration of practical theory and, and of the interdisciplinary as indispensable tools in this construction of a contextualization open knowledge in the daily one. It is clearly that, suggestions of this nature, are capable to interlace the methodologies applied, reediting adjustments to fortify this existing educational context. BRAZIL REFERENCES, Constitution (1988). Federate constitution of Brazil: in air since 1990.

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