Czech Republic

Courts in Prague and other Czech cities have not seen so many changes in the Czech legal entities for such short period. Foreigners began to increase the authorized capital in their firms and to take the founders and directors of all who wish to change status. Intermediaries on the migratory Czech market has not managed to earn small money when receiving newly-made entrepreneurs in the firm. At that same counting foreign workers living in the Czech Republic? After you enter a firm (legal entity), any foreigner had the opportunity of obtaining entrepreneurial business visa to the Czech Republic up to two years, with possibility of extension. So many had been calculated to get a new status through entrepreneurship and continuing work in the Czech Republic as employees. Many miscalculated! The number of such firms and the number of directors of the founders of foreigners has increased so dramatically that the Czech police had to introduce an interview for every foreigner who wants to change status. For example, a firm has twenty founding directors are all citizens of third countries with different names from different age groups. Poll any of them began to look like on Comedy Film with poorly understand the essence of foreign affairs citizens who do not know the Czech language and do not understand why they are wrong. The fact that a number of issues such as how long you have been the founder of the firm, which authorized the percentage you make as a company, as the founders of your firm, the name of the firm, which address your company, what is the size of the share capital, which activities are open to us, since when there is a firm plan on what to do, where are planning to conduct activities – defined during the interview led to the fact that all were refused and the time to leave the country.