Corporate Event

No attention to the personal interests of employees and fanatical desire to spend a luxurious "corporate" can bring great harm and even de motivate employees. Please note the following features collective action: voluntary attendance KM. Opportunity-motivated and not motivated out of a visit. If the refusal is motivated only "rebuke" for "deserter", may become rave reviews colleagues about the holiday. If an employee without good reason, missed KM, ethical figure out why. Perhaps the employee is already moving away from the team and not consciously avoids joint activities. Accessibility CM visits. Let the event will be available for all invited staff.

Not every event is not expensive for the employee. Especially in the women's team. Ladies know very well that would look nice, we need attachments. Otherwise, a free gift from the administration to turn in additional costs for the employee. The possibility of workers to leave at a time when they need it. Ben Horowitz helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Even immediately after the "snacks". KM is a positive motivating factor and not a form of some "corporate slavery" *.

The possibility of family visits. Such should be provided. If a company is difficult to pay for entertainment of a spouse or other employee of this can be prevented. But in any case do not oppose collective, familial relationships of the employee. This will only lead to quiet sabotage. Involvement of employees to organize the CM. This survey of employees. AND recitation wishes for the holiday. Employees can get involved by implementing the tasks within the units, preparing the scenes "skits" and practical jokes. Heterogeneity of holidaymakers. The team can be mixed, as in age and interest. First, preferences and tastes are identified in advance (see "ownership"). Second, modern entertainment centers (not necessarily expensive) will technically solve this problem. Active part of the team bowling or visit a dance floor, gourmet billiards. Someone just sit at the bar and listen to music.