Consumer Behavior

In today's business information search is a quick success of any company. The rapid increase in the number of enterprises determines the further change in consumer behavior in the direction of preference modern instruments wholesale. One of the most reliable means of establishing business contacts between buyer and seller is With it you can make sale / purchase of goods, wholesale services, equipment to find the necessary components for production and manufacturing equipment. – is a single structured database of goods and services gathered in one place and reduced to a single handy format. task is to provide all users share the most complete information about retail and wholesale prices at the regional Siberian market. Correctly perceived information forms the most a vast field for the decision-making that determines success in business. It is therefore important to be able to quickly receive, perceive and process information. Thanks to information technology to find information was much easier. Differing functionality, user-friendly search engine, which can be used for 3 minutes to find complete information about a product, price, and the enterprise, as well as the possibility of presentation of goods (price-list, logo, pictures) Business Portal has become indispensable in finding reliable suppliers, potential partners, hardware vendors and much more.

Making the selection of the presented products and services, it is possible to put in a notebook all the suggestions you are interested, then just print. In addition, for convenience, you can subscribe to new information and get it as soon as it appears. These new positions will be sent by e- e-mail to the applicant. The portal provides the most widely different goods and services: real estate, business equipment, refrigeration equipment, office and bank equipment, household and office furniture, food, consumer goods, automotive parts, industrial chemicals, construction and finishing materials, tools, electrical equipment, industrial machinery, woodworking machinery, equipment car service, transportation, petroleum, metal products, printing and advertising, finance, legal services, transportation and more. The site is present all the necessary information to get acquainted with the companies of Novosibirsk and Other cities in Siberia. Visitor, easy focusing on the resource, can contact the owner of the goods or services. The owner of the goods or services without having programming skills can: – change almost any information about your product on our site – add, edit and delete data about product / service – to upload a logo, if necessary, change the password to the system of recognition of the importance of effective marketing and attract the attention of the visitor to the portal is carried out large-scale advertising and information support of the resource, using television, outdoor advertising, advertising in the subways, radio, print media, in DoubleGIS, as well as the transport channels.