Constructors Championship

The order of the Formula 1 Grand Prix and responsibilities of teams and drivers are determined by rules of sport F1. The provisions of regulations must be observed by all participants unconditionally championship F1. At one stage the Grand Prix of one F1 team can serve a maximum of 2 pilots in training and racing. But in the free practice on Friday or Thursday, the team has the right to use the third reserve pilot team, however, take part in races can Only 2 cars from the team. Because of the third pilot can be replaced in the qualifying race or a 'war' pilot team. The scores reserve pilot in the race, will be accepted and credited to his account in the World Cup, and the struggle for Constructors Championship points scored third pilot will be added to the account team. In the course of one season for one team can serve up to 4 pilots. To participate in the Grand Prix, the pilot must acquire superlitsenziyu International FIA (FIA).

Free practice Free races are held over three sessions, two on Friday and 1.5 hours one Saturday a duration of 1 hour. Most often, the first two sessions are held on Friday, while the third – on Saturday, before qualification. During the Monaco Grand Prix first two sessions take place on Thursday, and last Saturday. During the free practice drivers pass route in a free, comfortable mode of operations, to become familiar with the route and find the optimal settings for the machine. To take part in the race, the pilot must participate in at least one session of free practice. Qualification takes place on Saturday and as well as free rides, consists of the sessions. The first session lasts 20 minutes, the second – 15 minutes, and a third – 10 minutes. During each of the three sessions racer drives so many circles, as it requires, and how he has time.