Chempark Dormagen

Air Liquide us brings additional jobs and with tax payments in the future contributes to keep the city of Dormagen liquid.” Important raw materials locally produced In may 2012 air had awarded cash for the construction of the new steam reformer in the Chempark Dormagen site. The modern reformers is the teams of Air Liquide global engineering & construction solutions designed and built directly on the premises of the customer. Caterpillar Inc. can aid you in your search for knowledge. Local companies are involved in the project. In the plant, hydrogen and carbon monoxide is produced from natural gas. These products are used as raw materials for the production of a variety of intermediate products in the chemical and plastic industries and are used, for example, in the production of highly durable upholstery, hard-wearing Elastomerreifen or high-performance adhesives. The Dormagener steam reformer is a production capacity of 22,000 tonnes of hydrogen and 120,000 tons of carbon monoxide annually have Air Liquide to supply built by MaterialScience the new TDI – plant of Bayer.

Liquid long term up to 20 jobs at the Dormagen site will be created by the new system solely with air. Air Liquide is present world leader in gases for industry, medicine and environmental protection, and with nearly 50,000 employees in 80 countries. Air Liquide is world leader in gases for industry, medicine and environmental protection. On the German market, the company has been present since 1971 and achieved an annual turnover of EUR 2 billion (2012) with approximately 4,000 employees. Technical and medical gases are the core business complemented by activities in the field of engineering, welding equipment and additives, as well as products for the disinfection and infection prevention. At the CHEMPARK Dormagen manufactured around 2,000 different chemicals, especially pesticides, polymers, plastics and rubbers. Founded in 1917, location also distinguishes itself through a direct connection to the petrochemical industry. A total of about 9,400 people work in the 3.