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It says a popular saying, ” Two minds think better than una” , good as soon as one talks about to mastermind 12 minds can still think better. The concept of mastermind originally comes from Napolen Hill in its book ” Think and Grow Rich” published there for 1937. The idea is simple but powerful, the objective of mastermind is reunirte with a group of people who it shares similiares interests and ideas, as soon as are reunenen share ideas, use his collectively its brains to help the others. One of the problems that appear with a group of mastermind is that they are difficult to find, if you are looking for one to comprise of and you do not find it, it forwards sees a step of the others and creates you yourself a group of mastermind. Here I leave tips you will guide that you in the process to form your group mastermind:

– To find people suitable. – Your you will want to have in your mastermind suitable people, and I talk about to people with your same interests and commitments of personal, labor growth, etc for your niche of market. When, where, and that so followed. – It would be good idea to commit the members of the group to meet certain day of the week, every fifteen day or at least once a month or via Internet or of actual way, it is desicin of the group of mastermind and according to the needs of the members of the group. Amount of people. – It is Really your desicin how much people will integrate grupode mastermind, groups can form from 2 people to 20 people, without embarto they ten encuenta that enters greater is the group is more difficult to handle it and to control it, an acceptable amount of members would be maximum of 6 people, but as I said previously the final desicin is yours.